The Waterboy skits

The Waterboy knows why Auburn has two mascots

Waterboy Explains How Alabama Wins

Superhero Skits

Star-Lord The Worst DJ in the Galaxy

Hansel and Gretel told by Bane

Ant Man Vs Bug Man (With Bloopers)

Worst Super Heroes Anonymous Meeting

HALO in Real Life

Disney Skits

Disney Characters meet Molaf (Olaf's cousin)

Disgruntled Disney Characters Elsa and Molaf

Original Character Skits

Common sense tips with Keith Smith - Sending a text

The Brownstone Brothers

The Brownstone Brothers prescribe DC Talk

The Brownstone Brothers - Darth Vader and Yoda radio show

The Brownstone Brothers "DC Talk Broke Up"

The Brownstone Brothers - Public Access Show Gone Wrong

The Unquiet Man

The Unquiet Man Meets a Lady

The Unquiet Man Gets Jealous

The Unquiet Man "Would You Be Quiet?"

Extra Skits

Radio Theater Auditions "Give Me More!"

Three Guys on a Couch Watching a Movie

Mickey Mouse and Goofy VO Skit (written by Sam Beman)