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Cancer Survivor

Keep Sam Laughing

In March of 2015 Sam married his lovely wife Sarah, but their honeymoon was overshadowed by excruciating sciatic nerve pain. A month later Sam went to the doctor, only to discover he was in critical condition, as all of his major organs were shutting down. 

The oncologist ordered a bone marrow biopsy and found the source of Sam's pain... Hodgkin's disease lymphoma stage four. They didn't expect him to live, but decided to try and give him his first round of chemo. 

From there, Sam had to learn how to walk again with the aid of a walker for four months. He was bed ridden mostly, with the exception of hospital visits. The chemo treatments lasted for six months, to which Mr. Beman went into remission. 

Along the way, many wonderful things took place. Including two fundraisers for his family. One called "Stand Up For Sam", a comedy event featuring some of the top Christian comedians in the United States. The other was an event simply titled "Keep Sam Laughing." The logo was designed by Sam's younger brother Joshua Beman, prominently displayed on posters, billboards, even car decals. Chick Fil-A of Phenix City hosted a day for Sam, and people from all around came in support of the entertainer from dusk until dawn.

Some of the lessons he learned through his battle with cancer were: 

• Lean on God for strength

• Be thankful for every day

• Tap into whatever joy you can

• Laughter boosts your immune system

• Have a strong support group

• Keep a positive attitude

• Seek to be a blessing to others

Sam is currently in the process of writing his book, which he prays will be a blessing to those battling or have never battled cancer.  Be in prayer for this book and be sure to check back for updates!

Cancer VLOG Videos

If you know of someone who may be battling cancer, send them to Sam's YouTube channel. The link below will take them directly to his cancer VLOG videos. Each entry will either entertain or encourage your friend or loved one, as they see how Sam dealt with his fight along the way.

The Wedding Proposal at Disney World

Sam proposes to his girlfriend Sarah at Disney World. Unfortunately their wedding bliss was cut short one month after the ceremony, when Sam was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease lymphoma stage four.