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Clean Comedy

Sam began his journey as a comedian in 2007 when he joined the Christian Comedy Association, where he began learning how to perform comedy clean enough for the whole family.

What to Expect

A typical show Sam Beman comedy show includes: improv games with the audience, character impersonations, traditional jokes, stories and musical parodies. If you would like Sam to share comedic material about his cancer journey, just let him know and he would be glad to share his journey and testimony.


Mr. Beman began his training at AMTC, then went on to attend numerous comedy workshops taught by some of the top christian comedians in the country. He also was mentored by comics like: Jimmy Brogan, Bob Smiley, Mike Williams, Gordon Douglas, Clayburn Cox, Thor Ramsey, Daren Streblow, David Pendelton and Michael Jr. 

Audience Improv Reel Sam Beman

Comedian Sam Beman, brings his brand of clean humor to the stage, along with volunteers from the audience. The results? Lots of laughs! This video features some highlights from previous comedy shows.

Stepfather of Four

Sam shares about his role as a stepfather, what children say and how awesome his wife is!

Sam Beman A Stand-Up Guy

This video features various comedy clips which include: impersonations, music, improv and a brief look at Sam Beman's testimony.

Why don't you slap my face?

Comedian Sam Beman wonders what it would be like, if other celebrities and characters tried to sing "Why Don't You Slap My Face?" by Michael Jackson.

The Cancer Comedy Story - Sam Beman

Comedian Sam Beman shares part of his cancer journey through comedy, from several different venues where he performed. Stick around for the bonus footage at the end.

Sam Beman WMU Director Testimonial

Monica White talks about Sam sharing his testimony at a Pastor's Appreciation Luncheon.

Don't give me your lice (parody of Give me your eyes)

Each week No Shame Theater gives local artists the opportunity to share original creativity... so I shared a comedic parody song that I wrote of Brandon Heath's "Give me your eyes", called, "Don't give me your lice."

Michael Jackson gets tickled

One day Sam noticed that Michael yells a lot in his song, so he wondered if someone were tickling him during the recording sessions. Also "What if Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson sang everywhere?" And if you look close enough you'll see Sam being critiqued by Tim Hawkins hosted by Anita Renfroe.

Clayburn Cox & Sam Beman At Valentine Banquet

Comedians Clayburn Cox and Sam Beman performed for the good people of Coles Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL for their first annual Valentine Banquet.

Christmas at Mom's - Comedian Sam Beman

Sam talks about what a typical Christmas morning looks like at his mom's house.

Singers forget their lyrics -Sam Beman

Comedian Sam Beman try's some new material at an open mic night about singers who forget their lyrics.

Sing with me! - Comedian Sam Beman

Sam shares about a time when he decided to share a song that he wrote, and what happened as a result.

Evangelist Loses His Job - Comedy Bit

Sam explores the idea of what it would be like if a TV Evangelist lost his job.

Comedy Clip "Smells like a whipping"

In this short clip comedian Sam Beman talks about kids and how his own dad felt about kids.

Hollywood cast for The Last Supper

In 2008 Sam was put on the list of other comedians to perform at the Christian Comedy Conference for a critique session. That motivated him to write this routine about Hollywood casting characters for the Last Supper. You'll hear everyone from Kermit the Frog to Adam Sandler.

Arnold Schwarzenegger applies for baby sitting

Comedian Sam Beman asks the question "What if actors had to apply for other jobs, like baby sitting?"


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