What is Improv with Character?

Improv with Character was created with the intent of teaching the basics of improv, along with how to have good moral character. Things like how to be courteous, polite, have self control and being helpful to others.

How long are the workshops?

A typical improv intensive workshop will last two hours.

How much?

This will depend on the size of your company/organization, and how many workshops might need to be taught over time. A starting price would be $600. Contact Sam for a proper quote.

Intensive Sunday workshops 2pm-4pm are $50 a person. (Only 12 spots available.)

Fill out our form below if you're interested, we will email more information regarding possible workshop dates, payment info and location.

How can I benefit?

Sam will help your employees/staff to become better listeners and see the importance in looking out for one another, as well as their customers. Which will in turn build stronger relationships inside and outside the company.

Where are the workshops held?

With minimal setup, a workshop can be held at the room of your choosing within your company or church. If you do not have the space, Sam can rent out a venue, but that will add to the cost.

Where did Sam train?

Sam trained at Whole World Improv Theatre in Atlanta Georgia, where he took Improv for Beginners along with Advanced Games, dialects and accents. These were both six month classes where he performed onstage for a live audience at the graduation shows.

Example: Improv Scene - Remote Control Styles

Audience Suggestion: 

Mr Potato Head Eating Potato Chips at Starbucks

Comedian Sam Beman, put together a group of improv actors for a night of clean improv at Family Theatre. This scene was called Remote Control Styles, and the audience's suggestion was quite entertaining in itself.


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