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Voices with Character

Voices with Character

Voices with CharacterVoices with Character


Allison H. Johnson: Photographer, Little Sun Photography

Hope Johnson Little Sun Photography

"When you watch Sam in action, what you see is what you get. I have had the pleasure of photographing several shows for Sam over the past couple years, and every time is just as entertaining as the one before. 

He puts his heart and soul into his routines, whether it be a funny video, a stand up comedy event, deejaying a wedding, or donning a green costume and making people smile as the Grinch. And these are only a few of the many talents Sam possesses. 

He is candid about his journey with cancer, and captures the audience on a personal level. But he never leaves out the message of hope and healing, and the love of our Savior. If you need an honest, down-to-earth comedian that truly loves making people smile and giving back, you can't go wrong with Sam." 

Jonathan Pike: Pastor of Woodland Baptist Church, AL

Jonathan Pike, pastor of Woodland Baptist Church

"Woodland loves Sam! He has been to our church on several occasions now. He's performed everything from the Grinch, to putting on full comedy shows. Sam is very professional and surprisingly humble. 

Some of the most impressive things about him are: his stage presence, experience, and raw talent. He is very well connected in the comedy world. Because of his diverse experiences and travels, the shows are always evolving and fresh! 

If you haven't had Sam come to your church, school or business, you're missing out 

on a great experience from one 

of the best in the business! 

Lastly, Sam has an unbelievable testimony! He is a cancer survivor and has inspired many with his openness in sharing what God has done for him. I truly believe God is using Sam to spread the Gospel (Good News of Hope) to everyone he is able to come in contact with." 

Dr. David Kees: Lead Pastor of Smiths Station Baptist Church, AL

Dr. David Kees of Smiths Station Baptist Church in Smiths Station Alabama

“When Sam brought “The Clean Comedy Show” to our church a few weeks ago; you could literally feel the Holy Spirit moving through our congregation. Sam Beman and his crew have a unique way of connecting with people as he uses comedy and laughter to share the message of Jesus Christ to a lost world. We loved how Sam was able to combine his passion, intellect, and wit as he truly connected with our church. 

Sam has a great testimony and it helps people see how easy it is to know and follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. He and the guys were an incredible blessing to us at Smiths Station Baptist Church! And I know that Sam will continue to inspire and challenge churches all over the country to go out and reach those who are spiritually lost and in need of the love of Jesus Christ!”

Monica White: WMU Director

Monica talks briefly about Sam sharing his testimony at a Pastor's Appreciation Luncheon.

Walker Haynes: Actor/Director

Walker Haynes

"Sam is a gifted actor and entertainer. I have had the privilege of working with him onset, and his work is both organic and inspired. 

As a result, his fellow actors are blessed with the ability to play off of the energy he brings to the scene."

Lauren Revard Goins: Improv Teacher/Actor

Whole World Improv Theatre

"What was so wonderful about working with Sam, was his positivity. When people typically first start doing improv they will make negative choices. Sam was the opposite, he always made creative positive choices in his scene work and it therefore created a dynamic experience for the viewer. 

Sam's authentic core is good and his energy is contagious. His dedication is evident and he has fostered his natural talent to become a wonderful performer."

Bob Smiley: Comedian

Comedian Bob Smiley

"Normally I'm the strangest guy in the room but when Sam is there I don't even make the top ten. You never know what character you're going to see or what topic you will discuss...the only guarantee is you'll be laughing the entire time."

Mike G. Williams: Author, Speaker, Missionary

Comedian Mike Williams

"A few year ago I had the opportunity to work with Sam Beman. It was a video for a show. 

In the past I have to say that those 

experiences can be rather trying. 

My work time with Sam was phenominal. 

A very professional experience. Everything was done right and on time. Sam is also a great guy to work with. I hope you get to use Sam Beman on your next project."

Rich Jones: Comedian


"Sam Beman is a pleasure to work with. His wonderful voice impressions will dazzle your audience young and old! If you want to book an entertainer who can custom work his performance for whatever audience you have and leave them entertained, 

book Sam Beman!!!"

Jerry A. White: Retired Major General


"I had the recent opportunity to work with Sam Beman on a very important event for the U.S. Army. This event was the Army's 231st Anniversary Ball conducted at the Ft. Benning Officer's Club with nearly 400 guests in attendance. Personally, I have never worked with a finer young man than Sam. He is intelligent, confident, polite and serious about the task at hand. In my opinion Sam has great talent and has the full potential to be a great actor in any to include comedy."

Bobby Calhoun: Pastor of Coles Baptist Church, AL

Pastor Bobby in Montgomery Alabama, was happy to share about his experience working with comedians Sam Beman and Clayburn Cox for their 1st Annual Valentine Banquet.

What's your story?

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