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Voices with Character

Voices with Character

Voices with CharacterVoices with Character

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Back in early 2000, Sam was asked to work on a local radio spot for a car stereo shop, as the voice of a leprechaun. From there a dance studio hired him to do several sound-a-like impersonations for their big Disney dance recital productions. Since 2008, he's contributed over fifty voices to those projects, from The Little Mermaid to Frozen. 

Sam trained under Voice Over Coach Denise Woods, and his Narration Reel was produced by Joe Loesch.


In 2006, Sam placed in the top 15 of USA Network's national competition called "Show Us Your Character." He was able to impersonate several voices in three minutes. Now days, he's able to do over fifty impersonations like: The Water Boy, The Grinch, Drac, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Church Lady, SKELETOR, Jack Sparrow, Shrek, Donkey, Christopher Walden, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Obama, Yoda, Bane, The Joker, Batman and many more.

Original Characters for Voice Over

In addition to impersonations, Mr. Beman is also able to create his own original characters. In 2015, Sam won a global competition to find voice over artists for the popular app Zoobe. This is a cartoon video app, where you can record up to 30 seconds of video with your voice (or voices). This allowed actor Sam to give life to several new characters!

Studio Equipment


WhisperRoom Sound Booth

WhisperRoom Sound Booth

WhisperRoom Sound Booth

WhisperRooms offer voice over artists significant sound insulation for ambient noise reduction. Sam's booth is equipped with: acoustical foam, wireless hardware connectivity, studio headphones, television monitor and phone patch capability.


Sennheiser MK 4

WhisperRoom Sound Booth

WhisperRoom Sound Booth

If your voice over project calls for musical vocals instead of impersonations, the MK 4 is perfect! Voice actor Sam Beman uses this mic to record all of his original songs. The MK 4 unites the high-resolution sound of a true condenser mic with the simplicity and finesse of digital solutions. 

Commercial Demo

Narration Reel

This narration reel features voice over talent Sam Beman, and was produced by Joe Loesch.

Character Impersonations Demo

Character Impersonations Reel (Audio)

This track features several impersonations by Sam Beman.

Yoda Sings Jingle Bells

Yoda Sings Jingle Bells

Voice Actor Sam sings Jingle Bells in the voice of Yoda for the Daren Streblow's nationally syndicated radio show.

Original Character Voice Over

Voice Actor Sam Beman created this reel by using many original characters from his animation shorts, which were produced with the Zoobe app.

Voice Matching Frozen Male Characters

Sam voiced all of the male character impersonations for Academy Dance Centers spring production of Frozen at the River Center in Columbus, Georgia. This is a highlight reel of some of the voices in the show.

Voice Matching Grinch Musical Characters

This video features four different characters that I voiced, for a dance recital production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." In addition to voicing most of the male character parts. I also produced, directed other voice actors in the studio, as well as worked closely with the dancers/actors, to help them with the characters physical movements onstage. A big thank you to Academy Dance Center for giving me the opportunity to produce such a memorable show!

Impersonations Reel

This reel features many different impersonations with pictures of the characters he's imitating.