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A Song for Drivers!

Sam's latest single encourages people to be a thinker by using their blinker. Many have described the song as part Beastie Boys meets Ray Stevens. 

"Use Your Blinker" is now available on these music streaming sites:


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About Sam

Ever since he was a kid, Sam learned that he enjoyed entertaining others with his unique ability to change his voice. Impersonating friends, teachers, neighbors, strangers, and of course, pop culture icons. Within a couple of years of graduating from high school, Sam immersed himself into theater at the Springer Opera House, where he began putting his voices to work, creating many new characters for various roles. 

By day, he worked for a full service advertising agency as a graphic designer. Because of the nature of the business, this gave him the opportunity to act in television commercials, as well as voice over acting jobs for local radio spots. One dance company found out about his unique ability to do impersonations, then hired him for their big spring musicals to voice several characters. 

Sam has always had a passion to entertain whether it be through acting, comedy or music. Which is why he will do his best to ensure that your business, show, or event is represented well at a professional level.

So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and enjoy reading one of Sam's blogs from his BLOG page, or watch one of his many videos. Thank you for stopping by!


"I had the opportunity to work with Sam on the set of Beyond The Mask and all I can say is that you’ll struggle to find a more positive, entertaining, and engaging person to be a part of your team. Sam not only has an incredible work ethic, but the man is truly an entertainer at heart. An impressionist, an actor, a comedian, a host, a DJ … Sam is a talented artist with a sincerely kind and courageous spirit. It was a pleasure working with him."
—Andrew Cheney, Lead Actor (Beyond the Mask)

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